21 Days of Peace Challenge

Chicagoans! We all have a role in creating a culture of peace in our city.

The 21 Days of Peace Challenge is an effort to help move this city forward and show the world the true heart of Chicago.

The Challenge takes place September 7 – 27, 2019. Each day comes with its own Positive Action for Peace to be taken by Chicagoans of all ages, in all communities.

Find ways to practice peace in  your daily life – take the 21 Days of Peace Challenge every day! Check back on September 7 for the first day of the challenge.

  • September 27th -
    Come up with your own Peace Challenge. Do it, share it and challenge others to join you. Congratulations on completing the 21 Days of Peace Challenge! Now it's time to keep it going on your own, every day.
  • September 26th -
    Learn about a peacemaker in history or in your community and let others know about them. Think about ways you can be like them.
  • September 25th -
    Take three deep breaths when you get up in the morning and repeat throughout the day, especially if you get angry or stressed. Better yet, take three Peace Breaths: inhale world, exhale peace.
  • September 24th -
    Find a symbol of peace in your community and let others know about it.
  • September 23rd -
    Read out loud and share a poem or a quote that means something to you.
  • September 22nd -
    Show Up For Peace in Daley Plaza from noon to 1pm for the 38th Anniversary of Peace Day in Chicago. If you can’t attend in person, observe a minute of silence for peace at noon wherever you are.
  • September 21st -
    Today's the United Nations International Day of Peace. Learn about another culture by listening to their music, trying their food, finding them on a map or reading about life in their part of the world.
  • September 20th -
    Make someone laugh or cheer up someone having a hard day.
  • September 19th -
    Write down five things you're grateful for. If any of those things are people, let them know you're grateful for them and why.
  • September 18th -
    Go for a walk, run or bike ride just for the fun of it. Bring a friend or relative.